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Create the future of Airdrop!

Get Token!    TokenSymbol(Name) : Airdrop    Decimals : 18

Contract Address : 0xba7435A4b4C747E0101780073eedA872a69Bdcd4

Transfer Proposal    -    Gaslimt : 200000    Gasprice :05~8

It's important! You must make an automatic transfer of any amount. The more you first activate the AirdropToken you get! In addition, both parties that activate the transfer can receive a reward. You can invite more people to get AirdropToken and make a transfer activation to your address to get more bounty!

Now trading: UniSwap AirdropEX(SOON)

Note: An eth address can only be activated once by selecting one trust address for lifetime, which cannot be changed. Please select your activation address carefully!

In addition: according to the number of airrop addresses and the network body of activated trust, some addresses will receive leadertoken and other identity tokens from time to time. From the beginning, the number of each round of distribution will be less and less. Some tokens can be split, some tokens are NFT, and their mysterious uses will be announced one after another.

Statement: including and not limited to airdroptoken and leadertoken, all tokens from here are free and will only be airdropped or distributed.